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Fast and Smooth

Our Precise Elevator Control® HPU and PLC systems work intuitively together to ensure the ride in a
Powerglide Elevator Home Lift is the smoothest possible. A Powerglide Elevator will quickly and
smoothly accelerate up to a speed of 300mm per second, twice as quick as any platform lift,
and faster than all comparatively priced house lifts in New Zealand. Once up to speed, the lift
will travel quietly to the called floor, and then slow down to a gentle stop. Because Powerglide
uses a low-friction rail system to guide the car, the ride is very stable with sideways movement
almost completely eliminated.
Low Maintenance

A lift is essentially an appliance in your home or commercial building that makes
life easier. You don't have to get your TV or dishwasher serviced regularly, so why should
you have to get your elevator serviced regularly? Powerglide Elevator’s home and disabled
access elevators are designed to be maintenance free. We've used industrial components
that are designed to operate24/7 in harsh conditions. We've designed our lift assembly to last,
without having to be constantly maintained. We even guarantee no maintenance for upto
7 years of your elevators life.

An elevator needs to be 100% safe, whether you are a passenger, service technician or
any other user of the building. We have incorporated numerous safety systems in our
Precise Elevator Control assemblies to eliminate the likelihood of becoming stuck in the lift.
Our system also controls all door locks, lights, and will even let the occupants safely
and easily exit the lift in the case of a power cut.
Lift Speed Comparison

This real time animation shows the speed comparison
between Powerglide and other elevator types. It takes
only 22 seconds for a Powerglide Elevator House Lift to
get to Level 2 and 42 seconds for the others.
Easy to install into New or Existing Buildings

Whether you are installing a Powerglide Elevator into a new home, or maybe an existing commercial
building, our design removes a lot of the hard work required to prepare a lift shaft. A Powerglide
house or disabled access lift car runs on its own self-supporting rails so doesn't require a hard-wearing
lined lift shaft. You only need a very shallow pit, and the depth of the cylinder hole is reduced
significantly when compared to a platform lift. In some instances, no cylinder hole is required. This
feature is especially important if you are working on very hard ground, or near the water table.
No Ceiling Space Machinery

The entire lifting mechanism of a Powerglide Elevator fits between
the rails, so there is no machinery in the ceiling. This means you
don't need to strengthen the ceiling rafters, or modify your roof line
if you have a flat roof house. The Powerglide lift system puts no load
on any walls, so a specially engineered lift shaft is not required.
Customisable Interior

A Powerglide Elevator can be supplied with a standard interior, allowing the end user to incorporate
their own design styles and tastes into the car. We can also supply a range of laminated wall panels
with a number of colours and patterns, and we can supply design advice based on our extensive
experience of seeing how past clients have individualised their elevator car designs.
Best value solution for disabled access

Meeting the new NZS4334:2012 standard means that a Powerglide Elevator is fully
compliant to be used in a commercial building where some form of disabled access is
required to help disabled or visually impaired people access upper levels of a building.
Being based on a spec'd up house lift design and with our numerous safety features, a
Powerglide Elevator is the perfect cost effective solution for your commercial premises.
Made in New Zealand

By choosing a NZ Made Powerglide Elevator you will not only be supporting New Zealand
manufacturing, but you will also reap the considerable benefits of dealing directly with the
manufacturer. The person who manufactures your elevator will also install it, so there is no
middle man. He will have intimate knowledge of your project and will deal directly with
your builder and architect to make sure everything is perfect.
Make Money from your Powerglide Elevator

At Powerglide Elevators we are very proud of our product, and if you are proud of the elevator we have installed, and would be happy to show it to other people, we'd like to say thanks. You have the choice of opting in to our 'Client Referral' programme. Basically, we will pay you a commission of $300 for every person that sees your elevator and then purchases one of their own from us. Word of Mouth is the most important form of advertising for us. We will always try and do the best job possible for all clients, because we want to make you a 'Fan of Powerglide' and be happy to refer our product to other people.