Powerglide Logo
Fast and Smooth
Using our precise control® home elevator
system, our NZ Made Powerglide Elevator
will smoothly accelerate to speeds of
300mm per second and will gently slow
down to stop at each floor. Our
residentialhouse lift is fast enough to be
a goodreplacement for internal stairs
in some cases…
Safe and Reliable
By using industrial quality components and
advanced safety equipment, every
Powerglide residential and disabled access
elevator is very safe and will provide years
of trouble-free use. Our domestic elevator
system is safe for children to use and will
operate in a power cut to ensure you
don’t get stuck…
High Quality
100% manufactured in New Zealand, each
Powerglide Elevator is designed and
crafted by our skilled engineers who
ensure the elevator and installation is
perfect every time. We customise our
home and small commercial elevator
system to suit our clients’ requests and
needs as required…